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Oh Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, you just sometimes don’t want to let go. Well, if today there was a referendum, the chances of you leaving our great country would be quite high. It’s been 25 years since the first referendum and now a new generation of Quebecers have emerged. The new generation will play a vital role in whether Quebec stays or says “au revoir.”

If we can compare the statistics from both referendums we can see there has been some surprising changes. The 1980 statistics show that: 40.44% said yes and 59.56% said no and the 1995 statistics show that: 49.42% said yes and 50.58% said no. These results would really surprise you as there has been growing pride for nationalism.

If that doesn’t really convince you that Quebecers would like to be independent, provincial parties like the Parti Quebecois and Union Nationale (historical party) have been elected and have separatist ideologies. These parties were voted for, many times and made changes to the provincial government. If you have not heard, a new Federal party called Forces et Démocratie (Strength and Democracy) has been created by former Federal MPs and have competition with the Bloc Quebecois. I personally see them having to merge just like the Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance to form one Conservative party.

I think that this separatism movement is just annoying and pretty useless. Of course, the new generation (and the immigrants…. PARIZEAU) is going to make a big difference in the fate of Quebec. I personally think that it doesn’t really matter and even though you are desperate for independence you will not get it, because in reality it would never work out. If Quebec ever does separate from Canada, the new country would be screwed because there will be no financial support, the debt in the province is the highest in the country and the deficit is ranked fifth in the country.

This is Bossjamespolitical, and Quebec will not leave Canada!


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