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Every now and then, people will always experience trouble with their phone, whether if it is a battery problem, glitch, crash or post-jailbreak issues. These are what really annoy us, especially if they consistently occur. As an iPhone user, I am done having to deal with the bullshit that Apple keeps giving me. I used to have an iPhone 5 until it started having some battery issues, so I eventually bought an iPhone 5s, but just recently I started experiencing the same issues again on my 5s. Before experiencing this battery issue on my 5s, my 5s did not charge to 100% overnight so I had to call Apple and I was on the phone for an hour. They told me I had to back up my phone, and restart it, it fixed the problem for the time being. I also had to find a new charging cord to replace my old one.

It seemed like my problem would be gone for now, until the same battery issue that happened to my old phone came to this phone. This battery issue is when your phone battery is at 0-20%, what I call “the red zone”. So basically your battery is in the red zone, your battery can drain at some point and you will have to charge it so it can be back at its last percentage. I think this has been really irritating and using certain apps can cause it to happen even if you phone is not at the red zone.

Now as you iPhone users think about it, it is time for a switch to Samsung or BlackBerry. I am deciding to switch to a BlackBerry as mentioned in a previous technology post. Now I have decided to upgrade to a BlackBerry Leap instead as I find the Passport more complicated to use. But either way, I will get a phone that will not have issues that iPhones have.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and this is the truth about Apple!


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