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The NHL draft was held a couple of weeks ago. Aside from the Oilers getting the 1st overall pick (like they always do), something much more IMPORTANT happened. The New York Islanders made history, and the history that they made is probably one of the most important parts in the history of the NHL. The Islanders drafted the first ever Chinese born hockey player. Andong “Misha” Song moved to Canada around the age of 10, although he started playing hockey in China at a young age. This is undoubtedly the Canadian Immigrant story of the year, if not the decade. A Chinese player being drafted into the NHL speaks numbers, and by numbers, I mean millions. It is estimated that 2.5 million people from China tuned in to watch Song get drafted, heck, there was even a Chinese news crew following Andong throughout the whole draft day.

Upon hearing of this news, I was aesthetic. Why? Well for the longest time, hockey has been regarded as a white man’s sport, a sport where coloured people are discriminated. As hockey is Canada’s sport, I believe we have to look beyond that, we are a multicultural country and cannot afford to be so exclusive towards others just because of ethnicity. Heck, I have a 9 letter Muslim last name and have a beard but I still know much more than the average white kid about my favourite sport, which is, you guessed it, hockey. As our immigrant population is quickly rising, we need to preserve and try to make hockey a game for all Canadians. Hockey is Canada’s game, and that is undeniable.


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