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The Pan Am Games (or Pan Scam as I like to call it) are happening as I type. Let me say it now. I HATE THE PAN AM GAMES. Why? Well for starters, I believe the $2.5 billion price tag is just absurd. Why waste our money on these games when we could’ve done something BETTER for Toronto? Well if you ask any Liberal, leftist, or Progressive Conservative whose last name starts with a T and ends with a Y (no, not Troy, but close guess) why the games are good, you will be bound to get the same answer. TOURISM.

Let’s get to the point.

To add insult to injury, on top off all the HOV, over budget spending, and claims that Torontonians are nothing more than moaners and groaners, our favourite AMERICAN rapper will be performing at “CANADA’S games.” Kanye West will be taking over the stage (see what I did there) during the closing ceremonies at the Pan Scam Games. When I heard this, I was enraged, West is an American who will be headlining Canada’s closing ceremonies. As a Canadian who has written for Canadian rap websites and who has experience in the Canadian rap scene, this was the perfect thing to erupt my anger. We have talent like Classified, Kardinal Offishall, Maestro Fresh Wes, K-os, even Drake for Christ’s sake, yet we have to choose this American. In my zakopinion, I think this was a desperate move on the organizers’ part to gain more traction for the games. After my anger had erupted, a certain comment by a certain mayor whose last name starts with a T and ends with a Y, made me boil over for the second time. John Tory, who called Torontonians “moaners” and “groaners” over the Pan Am Games, said about West “and I’m smart enough to know that he’s a proud product of our music industry here, as are a number of others.” Mayor Tory, I’m smart enough to know that you’re an idiot when it comes to naming “proud products of our music industry.” This guy is mayor of Toronto, yet he doesn’t know anything about our music industry. John, I guess your trip to Austin which was aimed at promoting the music industry really didn’t help. So to all Torontonians, your money is paying for this, so why don’t we all march up on the stage and interrupt Kanye?

Also, remember to sign the petition against Kanye performing here: https://www.change.org/p/toronto-pan-am-games-don-t-have-kanye-west-perform-the-closing-ceremony-for-the-toronto-pan-american-games

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