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Sigh. Today I just realized that I have become something that my 10 year old self would condemn. Today I realized that I’m a prime example of the social-media-addict-millennial stereotype that disgruntled baby boomers frown upon.

When I was younger, I thought Facebook was the most idiotic invention to man. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO POST YOUR PICTURES AND INFORMATION WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE? Since my younger days I have been very zak-opinionated in terms of my views on almost anything. I would get into arguments with my older cousins about Facebook and why the should delete it. Once I convinced (or so I thought) my cousin to delete her Facebook. I was so proud of my achievement. Ha, take that Mark Zuckerberg! Little did I know that I would become 10 times more of a Facebook aficionado than my cousins were, 10 times more than perhaps almost all the people I know.

So in early 2014, I decided to do the deadliest sin known to the 10 year old version of Zak. I got Facebook. Why? Well lots of family and friends were on Facebook and since I was older, I decided it was time for me to catchup with all these people. So I did the evitable and created my Facebook account. I then realized how much I had been missing. Family, friends, pages, each and everything I had an interest for was on this one platform. On top of that, I opened a Facebook Page for zakopinion.

So here I am, a Facebook addict. A stigma of 21st century culture.


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