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Let’s face it. Floor crossers are traitors. They are elected by the people mainly because of the party they represent. Today one of Canadian Politics’ greatest floor crossers learnt her lesson. Eve Adams failed to secure the Liberal nomination in the riding of Eglinton-Lawrence, the riding currently represented by Canada’s Minister of Finance, Joe Oliver.

I personally believe this is a first hint of failure that Justin Trudeau will experience during the next elections. Justin controversially backed a traitor and ironically enough, the biggest traitor Canadian Politics has ever seen (his name is Bob Rae) endorsed longtime Liberal Marco Mendicino. As a candidate trying to secure a¬†nomination, an endorsement from the party leader (who in this case is Justin Trudeau) would usually mean HUGE things. Since Trudeau’s endorsement really didn’t mean anything (maybe it worsened her chances) it shows that the Liberal Party of Canada, which is HIS OWN party, doesn’t have too much trust in him. After all, who would trust a supply drama teacher running for Prime Minister?

Well, I’m sorry about that Justin. One of Canada’s most sexiest MPs won’t be walking through your office door anytime soon.


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