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By: BossJames

In this world, there are two types of Conservatives: Red Tories and Blue Tories. The difference is that Red Tories have more Liberal views than Conservative views and Blue Tories have more Conservative views than Liberal views. Basically, Conservative colours are blue and Liberal colours are red, simple.

I really hate Red Tories because they are not real Conservatives. A perfect example would be John Tory, the irony is that his name sounds like a true blue Tory, when he actually is a red. Tory hangs out with many Liberals and Red Tories.

Why are there Red Tories? Red Tories became common in the 1960’s and they were progressive times and the conservative party at the time was named: The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Once Brian Mulroney was elected prime minister in 1984, he changed things around and improved relations with the United States as the President at the time was Ronald Reagan, a Republican (Conservative).
Canada slowly grew more right-wing and Progressive Conservatism was in decline as a Conservative alternative party, the Reform party of Canada, came into existence and later became the Canadian Alliance. Eventually a decision was made between the PC party and the Alliance, they would merge to form the modern-day Conservative party of Canada. Those who opposed the merger were seen as Red Tories and they would later form a minor party called the Progressive Canadian party. As we can see today, there is a number of Red Tories left, but they are in support for the provincial PC parties in Canada.

Let’s move on to Conservative ideologies, specifically speaking, Red Tory ideologies. Progressive Conservatism is an example of a Red Tory ideology. Research tells me that Progressive Conservatism is a form of Conservatism with Progressive ideologies. Mixing these two ideologies really confuse me as both sides are at the opposite sides of the political spectrum and usually are enemies. But this is just a mix and match situation, where two ideologies come together and remove certain things that don’t go well with the ideology.

This is Bossjamespolitical, and Red Tories were never true Tories!


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