Good day to everyone,

Today is a happy day, a day in which I was quite skeptical about, for it is zakopinion’s 2nd anniversary. Two years ago today, a younger version of Zak created zakopinion in an effort to share his opinions on virtually anything and everything to the world. I cannot believe we have come this far! zakopinion has well over 800 subscribers through zakopinion.com and our Facebook subsidiaries. I’ve learned quite a bit from all the typos, arguments, firings, likes, comments, and opinions. From posting my first article of the TTC Streetcar Shootings which claimed the life of the young Sammy Yatim to being here right now with a formidable audience, I can say it has been a long and happy journey. I would like to extend to sincere gratitude towards both BossJames and Rolfli who have helped me maintain my vision of success for zakopinion!

Happy Birthday zakopinion! Thank you to all the subscribers and viewers for making this possible!