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By: Rolf Li

Having just passed through Pearson International Airport on my way to China (from where I will be providing insightful articles on), I noticed that there were a lot of things different from my last trip by plane. Of these changes, most of them were based around security, although several changes to air travel included airlines coming up with new ways to squeeze the last dime out of us.

So what has changed since all of these new security bills? To begin with, the waiting times for security have increased by (according to my experience) around 5-10 minutes during regular pre-boarding times, although this might be longer since I did arrive earlier than I usually do before a flight. So why is the security taking longer even if there are fewer people travelling (as I previously stated, I did arrive earlier than 90% of the passengers)? Well, to make things brief, it is because border security agents are being much more careful and inspecting every single bag that they can get their little government-protected hands on. Of the approximate 25 people in line, at least 20 were brought aside for extra inspection, and exactly ZERO of them were held back. A 5-minute lineup turned into 15 minutes for ONLY about 25 people in line. So what do you think will happen when the line is full? In fact, I brought some liquid gels that followed the Canadian Airport Security Guidelines point by point, (in a clear 1-litre bag and no more than 100 ml per bottle), and the services stopped me for the liquids even though they were clearly marked by the MANUFACTURER on the bottles that they were all less than 100 ml each (they were about 50 ml, so I don’t even know how it appears to “violate the maximum allowance for liquid gels”), at which point I showed them on my phone that the allowance was 100 ml per bottle, and they let me pass. SERIOUSLY? They can stop as many people as they want, and terrorists are STILL getting on our planes. We need a better way of combating terror instead of stopping and delaying the innocent passengers who just want to get to their flights. The new “security features and procedures” just slow us down and inconvenience us even though it is clear that we are doing nothing illegal.

On some less dreary changes, all airlines are now enforcing the carry-on bag limits, (they now must fit into the “acceptable size” categories (for more information, see the airline websites)). This also delays everyone as one person who argued over having to check in his or her much-oversized carry-on for an extra $100. This is why you must get to the airport earlier (to avoid idiotic passengers).

So the next time you travel from or to Canada, be sure to prepare for more government “security” that “is essential for our safety”, and also don’t be the one guy who holds up the entire line over a small quarrel about carry-on luggage.

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