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And I thought supply drama teachers would need to have a good sense of judgment in order to mark students. Guess I was wrong. Justin Trudeau has a very poor sense of judgment on pretty much everything, heck he chose Hulk as his favourite Avenger! The evidence of Justin’s poor judgment is outpouring. I’ll give you 2 examples of it.

#1- Eve Adams:

Justin’s endorsement of the floor-crossing Eve Adams was a perfect example of poor judgment. Veteran liberal supporters were shocked at this endorsement. How would’ve Justin, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, picked a former conservative and traitor over true Liberal Marco Mendicino? Poor judgment is the answer. Eve Adams went on to lose the nomination battle. Liberals in the party didn’t even nominate the candidate their supreme commander endorsed. This is a prime example of the poor judgment and lack of success Justin will endure.

#2 Ala Buzreba:

Before yesterday, the 21 year-old (former) Calgary-Foothills hopeful was like any other giddy Liberal Candidate. She was overly optimistic and believed she could win, going up against cabinet minister Michelle Rempel. And then these tweets surfaced:

Buzreba announced that she would be resigning last night. I guess her anti-semitic explosion really didn’t get her anywhere. She said that those remarks were from when she was a teenager and that they don’t reflect her views today. Either way, anyone in the right mind would’ve cleaned up their twitter account before running for office. This is also poor judgment on Justin’s behalf, he should’ve gone through her past and checked for any wrongdoings. I guess Ala was just not ready, and I can say the exact same for Justin.

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