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NDP MP Fin Donnelly didn’t have to make up a story in order to gain publicity, as we all know the mainstream media would exploit anything against the Conservative Party. Well the very intuitive Fin went on anyways and made up a story, after all it must be pretty boring being an NDP MP. What more do they do than make fuss on social media? Fin’s story was coloured with lies and told to many to Canadians, if you haven’t heard the story I’ll recite it.

Last week Donnelly told reporters that the parents of Alan Kurdi had applied for refugee status and that Donnelly himself had hand-delivered a letter asking for help from Chris Alexander (the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) but heard nothing more. This story went viral and leftists not only in Canada, but all over the world believed this socialist liar. I personally heard claims of people wanting punch Chris Alexander. It turned out that Alexander HAD NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THIS STORY. It turned out that Kurdi’s parents had nothing to do with an application, instead it was his uncle Mohammed who sent it (the application was sent back as it was incomplete).

After this blatant lie and fiasco that Fin caused, we have not heard an answer from him. Since Fin wasn’t willing to talk, his supreme leader Thomas Mulcair was asked about situation. In response the champagne socialist replied “I couldn’t be any prouder.” WHAT? You couldn’t be any prouder of a person who lied to Canadians and people all over the world??? You couldn’t be any prouder of someone who used a dead child as a political tool??? To top it off Thomas also said “I am looking forward to having Fin Donnelly play a key role when we form government on October 19.” It comes to show you that if elected, Mulcair’s cabinet will be composed of liars and cheats such as Donnelly.

Thomas, I think you’ve drunk enough champagne.

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