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As a hockey historian and Penguins fan, I was always on the Mario Lemieux side of things when asked who the greatest hockey player ever was. I’d still opt for Super Mario, but today I won’t be reopening the debate, for I have found an ideology of Wayne Gretzky’s which I too follow.

On Saturday, I received an email from the Conservative Party of Canada inviting me to an event with Prime Minister Harper and Wayne Gretzky. I was pretty surprised, I never expected the Great One to come out publicly as partisan, especially towards the Conservative Party. After doing some research, I quickly found that Wayne is a full blooded Blue Tory. In fact, he called Harper “One of the greatest prime ministers ever.” Gretzky and Harper share the same feelings towards the Ukraine, and have both been to fundraisers for the cause.

What I also found interesting is the fact that Gretzky, being a naturalized US citizen, still supports the PM even after he announced that Canadians living abroad would be stripped of their right to vote.

I guess it’s time for Wayne to move out of his American mansion and start sleeping in the kitchen of Gretzky’s, well at least for the duration of the Canadian Elections.

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