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Four years ago, the Liberals were destroyed, the NDP made history, the Conservatives won a majority, and Bob Rae’s tires were slashed.

Four years later, the Conservatives lost their majority, the NDP are back in 3rd, the Liberals gained a majority, and Bob Rae didn’t bother sticking around.

It seems almost unbelievable, 4 years ago Canadians essentially got rid of the Liberals by sending them to become the second opposition, and 4 years after, they bring them up so far as to give them a majority. Four years ago Canadians gave the Conservatives a majority, four years later they give that majority to the Liberals. It seems to be a never-ending cycle of blue and red.

I thought Canadians, and specifically Ontarians, would’ve learned by now that majorities never work. A year ago, the people of Ontario gave the Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals a majority in the provincial elections. A year later, Ontarians want out. I bet you all the people who have participated at sex-ed curriculum protests voted her in. I thought we would’ve learned, but the cycle continues. Provincially, everyone in Ontario wants the Liberals and their majority out. Federally, everyone in Ontario wanted the Liberals in and gave them a majority. Heck, the dude who slashed Bob Rae’s tires during the last elections probably voted Liberal, and this is after Wynne endorsed Justin Trudeau.

I believe the problem is that Canadians aren’t very partisan. I say choose a party and STICK WITH IT. Stick with your party through thick and thin, don’t just vote for whoever you feel like every 4 years. If we keep electing a different party and giving them a majority every election, nothing gets done. The first thing Justin’s going to do is repeal all the bills passed by Stephen Harper’s government. NO ONE can object, because the senate is stacked with so-called “liberal” senators, and he has a majority.

The majority government elected last election will have done nothing for our country, because the majority government elected this election will erase all that has been done. Real change, eh?