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BlackBerry’s final attempt of gaining back lost handset market share has commenced. Preorders have begun for BlackBerry’s newest and perhaps final handset. According to BlackBerry CEO John Chen, his company may quit making handsets if they cannot sell 5 million units of their latest phone, the Priv. As somewhat of a techie, I can tell you, that this phone’s specs are a killer. It comes equipped with a Schneider-Krueznach certified 18 MP camera, 3410 mAh battery, has a 3GB RAM, and has a 1440 by 2560 resolution.

Although these specs may be spectacular (see what I did there), BlackBerry is going to have a hard time trying to sell 5 million units of the Priv. What will it take to get them to sell that many? Clearly people don’t care about specs as the Passport (I own one and can tell you it has amazing specs), hasn’t done amazingly well. The answer to my question is that John Chen plans to woo in different types of users by making the Priv BlackBerry’s first android powered phone. I love the BlackBerry operating system and would be reluctant to switch, however for people who want privacy, the power of the android OS, and a freakin amazing phone, it’s the ideal option. The phone is a slider, meaning the keyboard can be slid up and tucked away when not needed. There will be a choice of using the physical keyboard or virtual keyboard. The Android OS will also be integrated with a security software developed by BlackBerry, in order to create a PRIVate and PRIVledged environment for the user (see what I did there).

A phone as spectacular as this shouldn’t go unnoticed. Hopefully this isn’t BlackBerry’s last. Let’s reach that 5 million mark!


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