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By: Rolf Li

If you followed the news in the past few days, you would have seen the devastation following the Paris attacks, which were carried out by Jihadist Terrorists from ISIS, the menace in the middle east. Justin Trudeau, the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada has just promised to withdraw Canadian CF-18s from their current airstrike and target identification missions and bring them home, as they promised in their election platform, but what other choice is there to fight such a dangerous group like ISIS?

Canada is currently a part of the US-lead international coalition to combat ISIS, and is actively playing a role in the bombing of specific and crucial targets, but Trudeau want’s to withdraw our contributions even after the ghastly attacks of Paris? This just goes to show that Trudeau is not ready to take on a serious position when it comes to global politics and global issues. When Trudeau says that he will be continuing “Canada’s efforts” to combat ISIS, he really means that he wants to send winter coats to Syria, as if that will help destroy ISIS. The people of Syria and Iraq do not need winter coats, they need weapons and tactical support to avenge their fallen comrades and exterminate the infestation which is ISIS. How will a country “continue” their military support without taking direct action against the militants themselves? Why should Canada let other countries fight the battle that all of us should be fighting? Why should we withdraw our fighter jets when we have an increasing amount of victories on our side? How will we talk to the rest of the world and proudly say that we are active in the global community and will take serious action to defend our freedoms and culture?

Trudeau outlined a plan to remove our fighter jets from service, and replace them with military officials to train the Kurdish forces who are fighting ISIS on the ground, and while that is good, what about the key parts of the plan? What happened to crippling ISIS where it hurts? Who will take a leading role in promoting peace in our dangerous world? This plan to remove our fighter jets from combat is a ridiculous idea, in fact, most Canadians, who want to preserve our freedom and cultures, do support our active combat role in Iraq and Syria, wether the Trudeau government accepts it or not. It is not a matter of saving an insignificant amount of money, and it’s not about winning Trudeau’s supporters, it’s really about protecting those who have been affected by ISIS, preventing ISIS from attacking us again, and tackling the problem at it’s cause – extremism, no matter the race.

Although Trudeau has not yet committed to a date of returning our jets home, he has promised to do so, without the consultation of Canadians, the ones who want to protect our world in do our part in fighting terrorism. So what do you think about Trudeau removing our jets from service? 02167302