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I have been an anti text language crusader for quite some time now. My reasoning for not conforming to this trend is quite simple: I don’t see a need to. Today, I will be outlining why I find “haha” better than “lol.”

I treat texting the same as talking to someone face-to-face. I don’t think anyone would ever say something like “ikr” or “gtg” to someone’s face. I converse on text as if the person I am texting were to be right in front of me. Say the individual were to tell a joke via text. If it were face-to-face I would burst out in laughter, saying “hahahaha” at the top of my lungs. Would anyone ever say “lololololol” when told a joke while conversing to someone face-to-face?! Of course they wouldn’t, well, at least I hope they wouldn’t. When I read a funny text message, I may laugh quietly, I have never muttered “lol.” Saying “haha” is a proper response. It is natural to human nature. Saying “lol” or even “laugh out loud” is completely wrong.

“Haha” is the proper response to a joke whether it be via text or to someone’s face!

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