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By: Rolf Li

During the Canadian elections from 2015, we saw that the leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, promised for Canadians. More infrastructure spending, more public assistance, and more money in the pockets of “us” Canadians, but where have all those promises gone?

Justin Trudeau promised to spend more during his election, and while there is no issue with government spending to boost our economy, going specifically into deficit to accomplish that task is a crime to be court marshalled for. In fact, according to Josh Wingrove of the Financial Post, the way that the current government has been implementing the “new deal” is on an “unsustainable path”, and that spending is approximately “$11 billion” more than it should be. So where did this negligent and ignorant government gone wrong with spending, how about starting with the $4.3 billion spent in his first 100 days in office to fund “international aid” programs, which roughly translates to the fact that Justin Trudeau has been focused too much on “earning selfies” with his political fans according to the Huffington Post. In January 2016, National Bank predicted that the deficit that the Liberal Party will create will be worth around “$90 billion”, which will no doubt be spent on frivolous expenditures like tax-payer funded nannies for Justin Trudeau’s children, more staff for Sophie Trudeau’s “stressful” and “busy” lifestyle. How about this Sophie Trudeau, take a moment and realize that Canadians don’t want to pay for your personal comfort, and that we wanted a government who spends for the people, not for itself.

The problem with this government is that the leader and the party spends too much time and way too much money on aesthetics. Trudeau does not realize that Canadians couldn’t care less if his $7.5 million mansion is in a state of “horror” and “disrepair” to the point that Trudeau must spend more tax money to renovate a house that the previous Prime Minister lived in for 10 years, and did not complain in all that time about. No Canadian still believes that Justin Trudeau will be the “saviour” who would spend money to save our country. The facts are all laid out. When Trudeau promised that “people like him” don’t need public assistance, and that the wealthy did not work just as hard for their money, he really meant that everyone else who has considerable wealth must be taxed at 54% and not receive child care benefits, but him, with his $1.2 million inheritance must not be taxed as such. What kind of deceit did Trudeau pull off to secure his $224, 000 per year salary? What kind of damage will Trudeau do to the economy? These are all questions to be asked, and questions that should be answered.