About Markharbboy

Hi I’m Mark,
I am one of the authors for Zakopinion. I enjoy watching and talking about things related to politics and news. I am also a car freak. I know quite a lot about cars. Randy Pobst who has over 90 pro wins and Cindi Lux who is driving for SRT are both following me on Twitter (trying not to brag haha). I am also a huge coin collector.

You can contact me via twitter @markharbboy and at markharbboy@zakopinion.com
Hope you enjoy zakopinion!


9 thoughts on “About Markharbboy”

  1. Mark is a great guy! That’s why he’s part of zakopinion. Only the greatest of the great can join. And Mark is truly one of the greatest.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my online writing studio. I hope you found something of interest — or at least something entertaining. I’ve been to Canada once, stepping over the border several years ago from Vermont for the afternoon. Not drastically different, I thought at the time. But, having only dipped my toe in your country, I probably owe it to myself and your nation to come for a longer and more extensive visit. So I’ll put that on my bucket list.

    Thanks, too, for choosing to follow my work.

    — SM

    • Thanks. I really enjoy your blog. The articles are really high quality. High quality articles are something that many bloggers are lacking. Nice to find a quality blog.
      Also, CANADA IS AN AMAZING COUNTRY. Please visit Canada. You will also enjoy our poutine.

      • I’m afraid to ask what poutine is. My imagination is rife with imagined definitions! 🙂

        BTW: your response sounds a bit like spam. I don’t do too many articles. Don’t be offended, though, We want to keep American/Canadian relations stable.

  3. Message to skipmars :
    Poutine is French fries with gravy and melted cheese.

  4. Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too. I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.

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