About Rolfli

Hi, my name is Rolf and I live in the Greater Toronto Area. I am the vice-president of zakopinion and I strive to improve every organization that I come across. I love watching hockey, and I play a fair bit of it too. My favorite team is the Boston Bruins (sorry to the Maple Leaf fans out there—my condolences). I enjoy business news and I also like to keep a close eye on politics. I have a vast understanding of stock markets, political changes, and government as it is.


If you have any questions for me personally, contact me at rolf.x.li@gmail.com.

If you have any questions regarding the blog or our affiliates, contact Zak at zakopinion@gmail.com.


1 thought on “About Rolfli”

  1. bossjamesinternational said:

    Rolf I suggest you to post at least once a week, I miss reading about your opinionated controversy

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