About zakopinion and Our Members

About zakopinion

At zakopinion our job is to opinionate. We write about everything from the economy to society. We are mostly a political blog but write about business, technology, society, among others. Every single article published is certified opinionated. So just beware of the Opinions. We don’t want to give you a heart attack!

We also have a podcast called The Opinionated Show which can be found on our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmgN4lpPA0wORouqMyESeHg/videos

You can find our Facebook subsidiary Justin Trudeau Doesn’t Know Nothin here: https://www.facebook.com/Justintrudeauno

If you have comments, concerns, etc. please don’t hesitate to give us an email at contact@zakopinion.com



Thanks for reading and we hope that you enjoy the site!


About Zak


Hi I’m Zakyr or more simply known as Zak. I’m a Canadian based out of the greater Toronto area. I am the founder and president of zakopinion. I love watching and playing soccer and hockey. I also love following politics (specifically Canadian). I am also an avid investor. My favourite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins and Liverpool F.C. I’m also an avid stamp, coin, and hockey memorbilia collector.

If you have any concerns, requests, etc. please feel free to email me at zak@zakopinion.com Hope you enjoy my blog.

About RolfLi


Hi, my name is Rolf and I live in the Greater Toronto Area. I am the vice-president of zakopinion and I strive to improve every organization that I come across. I love watching hockey, and I play a fair bit of it too. My favorite team is the Boston Bruins (sorry to the Maple Leaf fans out there—my condolences). I enjoy business news and I also like to keep a close eye on politics. I have a vast understanding of stock markets, political changes, and government as it is.

About BossJamesOpinionated



I’m Bosco, I am a Chinese-Canadian from Toronto who is here to spread international news, crisis and controversy. I sometimes write normal posts that are not controversial so that you viewers can take a break from the controversy. I’d like to warn you right now that my posts are deemed extremely controversial. My favourite teams are Toronto Raptors, F.C Barcelona, and Argentina Football Association (AFA). My hobbies include, speaking in accents, coin collecting, telling bad jokes, and being with my friends. I am fluent in English, Cantonese, some Mandarin, and simple French and Spanish. I am also the manager for zakopinion’s Facebook page. There is more to see on zakopinion’s Facebook page.

zakopinion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/zakopinion/273580552796063?ref=ts&fref=ts

For any concerns, please email me at: bossjamesinternational@zakopinion.com
Hope you enjoy zakopinion!

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