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NDP MP Fin Donnelly didn’t have to make up a story in order to gain publicity, as we all know the mainstream media would exploit anything against the Conservative Party. Well the very intuitive Fin went on anyways and made up a story, after all it must be pretty boring being an NDP MP. What more do they do than make fuss on social media? Fin’s story was coloured with lies and told to many to Canadians, if you haven’t heard the story I’ll recite it.

Last week Donnelly told reporters that the parents of Alan Kurdi had applied for refugee status and that Donnelly himself had hand-delivered a letter asking for help from Chris Alexander (the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) but heard nothing more. This story went viral and leftists not only in Canada, but all over the world believed this socialist liar. I personally heard claims of people wanting punch Chris Alexander. It turned out that Alexander HAD NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THIS STORY. It turned out that Kurdi’s parents had nothing to do with an application, instead it was his uncle Mohammed who sent it (the application was sent back as it was incomplete).

After this blatant lie and fiasco that Fin caused, we have not heard an answer from him. Since Fin wasn’t willing to talk, his supreme leader Thomas Mulcair was asked about situation. In response the champagne socialist replied “I couldn’t be any prouder.” WHAT? You couldn’t be any prouder of a person who lied to Canadians and people all over the world??? You couldn’t be any prouder of someone who used a dead child as a political tool??? To top it off Thomas also said “I am looking forward to having Fin Donnelly play a key role when we form government on October 19.” It comes to show you that if elected, Mulcair’s cabinet will be composed of liars and cheats such as Donnelly.

Thomas, I think you’ve drunk enough champagne.

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Syrian Refugee Crisis: Canada’s Role?


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By: Rolf Li

The current migrant issue around the world has reached the tipping point. Every day, hundreds of migrants flee war-torn countries and areas and head for economic prosperity and safety, but what can actually be done about this issue and what is the root of the problem? What are countries like Canada doing about the influx of immigrants feeling imminent persecution or death?

To begin with, with support from the Canadian Government, 10,000 Syrians fleeing from danger will be relocated over the course of 3 years. If we were to put this into numbers, the average amount of money required to relocate a refugee from the middle east or elsewhere to Canada is above $15,000. 10,000 refugees would result in over $150 million to relocate, all of which would not be possible without the support of the Canadian government. Although there were already many refugees before the fight against ISIS, most experts do relate the influx due to the war on terror. Aside from the direct contribution in relocating refugees, the Canadian government along with other NATO allies are fighting the source of all this trouble. With over $200 million committed to fighting problem, it is clear that there is a sense of clear determination in our government.

So in the end, it is obvious that the Canadian government is doing work to protect innocent refugees, but there is a lot more to be done according to Immigration Canada. So what is your zakopinion on this topic?



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Justin Trudeau’s Poor Judgment


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And I thought supply drama teachers would need to have a good sense of judgment in order to mark students. Guess I was wrong. Justin Trudeau has a very poor sense of judgment on pretty much everything, heck he chose Hulk as his favourite Avenger! The evidence of Justin’s poor judgment is outpouring. I’ll give you 2 examples of it.

#1- Eve Adams:

Justin’s endorsement of the floor-crossing Eve Adams was a perfect example of poor judgment. Veteran liberal supporters were shocked at this endorsement. How would’ve Justin, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, picked a former conservative and traitor over true Liberal Marco Mendicino? Poor judgment is the answer. Eve Adams went on to lose the nomination battle. Liberals in the party didn’t even nominate the candidate their supreme commander endorsed. This is a prime example of the poor judgment and lack of success Justin will endure.

#2 Ala Buzreba:

Before yesterday, the 21 year-old (former) Calgary-Foothills hopeful was like any other giddy Liberal Candidate. She was overly optimistic and believed she could win, going up against cabinet minister Michelle Rempel. And then these tweets surfaced:

Buzreba announced that she would be resigning last night. I guess her anti-semitic explosion really didn’t get her anywhere. She said that those remarks were from when she was a teenager and that they don’t reflect her views today. Either way, anyone in the right mind would’ve cleaned up their twitter account before running for office. This is also poor judgment on Justin’s behalf, he should’ve gone through her past and checked for any wrongdoings. I guess Ala was just not ready, and I can say the exact same for Justin.

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Harper Security Bills Implemented and in Effect


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By: Rolf Li

Having just passed through Pearson International Airport on my way to China (from where I will be providing insightful articles on), I noticed that there were a lot of things different from my last trip by plane. Of these changes, most of them were based around security, although several changes to air travel included airlines coming up with new ways to squeeze the last dime out of us.

So what has changed since all of these new security bills? To begin with, the waiting times for security have increased by (according to my experience) around 5-10 minutes during regular pre-boarding times, although this might be longer since I did arrive earlier than I usually do before a flight. So why is the security taking longer even if there are fewer people travelling (as I previously stated, I did arrive earlier than 90% of the passengers)? Well, to make things brief, it is because border security agents are being much more careful and inspecting every single bag that they can get their little government-protected hands on. Of the approximate 25 people in line, at least 20 were brought aside for extra inspection, and exactly ZERO of them were held back. A 5-minute lineup turned into 15 minutes for ONLY about 25 people in line. So what do you think will happen when the line is full? In fact, I brought some liquid gels that followed the Canadian Airport Security Guidelines point by point, (in a clear 1-litre bag and no more than 100 ml per bottle), and the services stopped me for the liquids even though they were clearly marked by the MANUFACTURER on the bottles that they were all less than 100 ml each (they were about 50 ml, so I don’t even know how it appears to “violate the maximum allowance for liquid gels”), at which point I showed them on my phone that the allowance was 100 ml per bottle, and they let me pass. SERIOUSLY? They can stop as many people as they want, and terrorists are STILL getting on our planes. We need a better way of combating terror instead of stopping and delaying the innocent passengers who just want to get to their flights. The new “security features and procedures” just slow us down and inconvenience us even though it is clear that we are doing nothing illegal.

On some less dreary changes, all airlines are now enforcing the carry-on bag limits, (they now must fit into the “acceptable size” categories (for more information, see the airline websites)). This also delays everyone as one person who argued over having to check in his or her much-oversized carry-on for an extra $100. This is why you must get to the airport earlier (to avoid idiotic passengers).

So the next time you travel from or to Canada, be sure to prepare for more government “security” that “is essential for our safety”, and also don’t be the one guy who holds up the entire line over a small quarrel about carry-on luggage.

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Canadian Dollar to Rebound?


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By: Rolf Li

Mediocre news spread across the desks of currency traders today as Statistics Canada released the change in employment numbers in Canada. The unemployment rate remained at 6.8% while adding approximately 6,600 new jobs in the month of July. The big release was the glimmer of light in dark economic times, but the result was a big blast of cold air. Continue reading

zakopinion’s Second Anniversary: Bossjames

Happy Birthday zakopinion, it has been two years already. Time has passed by so fast and an election is around the corner. As time goes on, zakopinion will grow and continue to thrive. It has been two great years of bashing Liberals, sharing my opinions on many stories around the world, collaborating on the Opinionated Show and talking about technology. I would like to say, if I never found out about zakopinion in the first place, I would not be the (self proclaimed) great writer I am today!

Happy Birthday zakopinion, and stay tuned for more controversial and Justin Trudeau bashing posts!

zakopinion’s 2nd Anniversary


Good day to everyone,

Today is a happy day, a day in which I was quite skeptical about, for it is zakopinion’s 2nd anniversary. Two years ago today, a younger version of Zak created zakopinion in an effort to share his opinions on virtually anything and everything to the world. I cannot believe we have come this far! zakopinion has well over 800 subscribers through zakopinion.com and our Facebook subsidiaries. I’ve learned quite a bit from all the typos, arguments, firings, likes, comments, and opinions. From posting my first article of the TTC Streetcar Shootings which claimed the life of the young Sammy Yatim to being here right now with a formidable audience, I can say it has been a long and happy journey. I would like to extend to sincere gratitude towards both BossJames and Rolfli who have helped me maintain my vision of success for zakopinion!

Happy Birthday zakopinion! Thank you to all the subscribers and viewers for making this possible!

Canadian Recession: Just Rumours?


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By: Rolf Li

There is so much talk surrounding our great country these days, and many are related to the fact that our economy is slowing down, and that we are in a recession. As a Canadian, this really hurts my pride, and it really forces me to think about the real state of our economy. It turns out that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Most of the argument against the Canadian economy is that it has been shrinking at a rate of around 0.1-0.2% per month for the first five months of the year. By definition, a recession is when an economy is in decline (negative territory) for six months in a row. However, when we look at the numbers that Canada has been posting, can we really call the “recession red alert”? To begin with, the Canadian unemployment rate for the month of May remained steady at 6.80%, and 57 000 new jobs were created. In fact, the unemployment rate has remained at around 6.80% since January. Yes, January. So just based on job numbers, how can experienced economists start spreading the word that the Canadian economy is in massive decline? Strong job numbers are the basis of a strong economy, and our job numbers are above-decent with no doubt. Moving on to the trade deficit. Statistics Canada’s new trade deficit numbers were released on August 5th, 2015, and they tell a different story than the ones’ of “doom and gloom” that “economists” have released. The trade deficit plummeted from an estimated $3.4 billion loss to $476 million, most of which was the result of a 7% increase in trade to the USA, and a reduction of 0.6% in imports. Finally we are seeing some benefits of a lower Loonie. So with these strong numbers, are we likely in a recession? No. Are we likely to see another month or two of GDP decline due to the last of the impacts of the low price of oil? Probably.

So in the end, there is no reason to worry that much about the Canadian economy. Even in the dollar stays at it’s current value, the economy will grow due to the increase in exports that will be generated. Although in many cases, a six-month decline in GDP would mean a recession, but in our case most of the damage is centralized in Western Canada, and our numbers are still strong.

zakopinion Election Coverage

Hello all,

The writ has been dropped and we’re on! Will it be another term of Harper? The first NDP government ever? First time a father and son have both been prime ministers? Well, that’s up to us Canadians to decide. We at zakopinion will be providing special election coverage throughout the coming weeks. With that, I would like to announce that a non-stop version of “The Budget Will Balance Itself” will be released on our YouTube channel in the upcoming days.

Stay tuned for more!